Restoring Unity Through Touch

Clare Wilson LMT


Clare has been practicing therapeutic massage since 1999, is licensed in both NY and CT and is a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, CT. She practices integrated Swedish massage and specializes in sports, deep tissue and medical. Clare has enjoyed a rewarding and successful career over the years with a practice that has included a broad spectrum of professional opportunities.

~RAAM crew member

~ 9/11 WTC volunteer
    massage therapist

~trading floor 

~film sets



~professional athletes

~amateur athletes


~physical therapists


~private homes and offices

~CCMT faculty member



Integrated Swedish Massage

In this gentle and relaxing treatment, various Swedish massage techniques are combined to personalize the experience and address the individual needs of each client. By applying a variety of strokes and techniques from assorted modalities, I can help you reach a state of relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

60 min- $110

90 min- $160

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is a technique used to stimulate blood flow within the muscle belly directing it back toward the heart to be oxygenated. The freshly decompressed muscle is left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This is a great type of massage for those who are chronically tight, heavily muscled, or just prefer deeper work.

60 min- $110

90 min- $160

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is designed for athletes and others who engage in frequent, intense physical activity. Repetitive use issues can be interrupted and prevented by regular maintenance sessions which can help keep you injury free and active in your sport.

60 min- $110

90 min- $160

Medical Massage

Medical massage is highly specialized to the individual based on the requirements of their issue or injury. A strategy of treatment will be designed after initial consultation, and may incorporate the input of any medical practitioners whose care you are currently under.

60 min- $110

90 min- $160


Essential oils are custom blended and applied using various Swedish Massage techniques.The aroma from the oils when combined with nurturing touch promotes a heightened level of relaxation, energy, rejuvenation, strength or clarity as specified by the preferences of each client.

60 min- $110

90 min- $160

Sole to Sea

This treatment is grounding and soothes the soul… It begins with a rejuvenating marine based therapeutic foot scrub, which is then followed by a revitalizing foot massage, before the feet are then placed into warm booties. While they soften and relax the body is massaged and muscles are encouraged to release built up tension utilizing various Swedish massage techniques.The treatment ends with a centering foot massage that invigorates and refreshes, stimulating circulation and in turn warms the entire body.  

90 min- $180

Hot Stone

Experience the uniquely profound level of relaxation that is only achieved by hot stone massage, and receive the immediate benefits to both body and mind. The comforting heat from the stones, soothes the nervous system and melts away the effects of stress. Hot basalt stones are coaxed into sore, tight muscles until they release their tension. Hot stones can be incredibly helpful in recovering from injuries, relieving arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, and post workout.

60 min- $130

90 min- $180


Share the experience of Massage, side by side with your loved one.

60 min- $220

90 min- $320


Swedish massage techniques are utilized in a side lying position to relieve the expectant mother of associated muscle soreness and tension.

60 min- $120

90 min- $170

Onsite/ Event

Consider adding massage to your next informal gathering or corporate event.


(Starting at)

1 hour- $160

90 min- $220

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By appointment-  Tuesday- Saturday 9-9 as available.

Please dial 203.869.1764 to schedule.


122 River Road Ext. Cos Cob, CT 06807

Why Massage Is Good For You:

Massage Reduces

~muscle pain
~scar tissue
~potential for muscle tears

Massage Increases

~blood flow
~Range of Motion
~healthy tissue function
~healthy digestion
~quality of sleep
~speed of recovery
~sense of well-being